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Realization of Commodos-Incommodos

Any classified establishment that may pose a risk to the safety of internal persons or the neighborhood is subject to prior authorization prior to construction. These requests are made by submitting Commodo-Incommodo files to concerned administrations.



ProNewTech is responsible for the preparation and follow-up of permit applications since years. More than 700 applications have been submitted and approved by the Environment Administration and the Labour and Mining Inspectorate. The versatility and mastery of the IT tools by ProNewTech experts guarantee a not inconsiderable quality and speed of execution of these files.



ProNewTech is in charge of consolidating the authorization request file containing all the elements required by law. Our experts are monitoring the progress of files from the time they are sent to the reception of ministerial orders. The provision of any supplementary information if the administration considers it necessary is also ensured.


ProNewTech has 4 engineers specialized in this field to assist in the realization of such authorization requests.

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