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Our Philosophy

ProNewTech has acquired, through a fruitful collaboration with numerous stakeholders, research organisations and companies, a multidisciplinary experience in the fields of ICT and technical engineering. This experience allows the team to present himself today as design engineers, intervening flexibly in total synergy with the building architect and other various technical participants. 



ProNewTech's study work is characterized by its ability to establish a harmonious relationship with the architect, where the conditions for dialogue are met, enabling the technical "translation" of ICT concepts.  This privileged relationship allows ProNewTech's engineers to be a force of faithful proposals to the specifications in technical compliance with regulatory and energy constraints.


Digitisation, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Green IT (or green computing) are growing sectors, companies are looking at the issue of their ecological footprint, both to reduce costs and also in a more marketing approach to appear greener, which gives them a closer image of their customers' expectations and helps them to increase their turnover. Implementing Green IT in companies requires a different approach to the business model.


All businesses have a duty to act in the best interests of their customers. At ProNewTech we believe that those who put their customers first are likely to deliver better longer-term results. This means creating quality projects and services, while being transparent, having sound business practices and looking after their customers’ projects and facilities securely.


Concerned about the new needs in information technology, Cybersecurity, GPDR needs and energy consumption reduction imperatives, the company's specialists are at your disposal to realize projects respecting a «Green IT» concept.


Some organizations have already begun to use the Green Computing Lifecycle concept. ProNewTech integrates the following steps into this new concept :


  • Green Strategy

  • Ecological and environmental design

  • Implementing ecological ICT projects

  • Continuous improvement towards sustainable development



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