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Project Development

Fitting-out missions

ProNewTech's engineers develop projects for a range of activities aimed at achieving clearly defined objectives within a given timeframe and budget. Clients'"project" concepts can be based on specific characteristics, such as new technology initiatives, unusual and singular approaches to be carried out within a defined time frame with a range of resources with expertise in a wide variety of engineering fields such as smart buildings, fixed and mobile networks, Cloud solutions or active security.

ProNewTech can also collaborate with partner offices to develop such complex projects and to monitor them throughout the "project lifecycle" at the national and international technical assistance levels.

ProNewTech offers services for every project development, ranging from architecture, design, tendering, evaluation of the solutions offered and recommendations to project follow-up.

In order to be able to provide this type of service, ProNewTech has its own risk management methodology, project quality monitoring criteria, Project Management and Facility Management tools, Collaborative Cloud and CAD-BIM tools, as well as financial control of each project processed.

We are interested and attentive to innovative projects. Do not hesitate to contact us. 

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