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The GDPR requires the appointment of a DPO if you process personal data on a large scale if you handle daily "sensitive" data within the meaning of article 9 of the GDPR. ProNewTech offers a "DPO as a service" service. This service is available to any organization not concerned by this obligation wishing to monitor and have control over its day-to-day compliance. Naming ProNewTech as the DPO for your company will help you avoid any conflict of interest.

This service, adapted to the different needs of each person, follows a logic of accompaniment and support to customers over three years. PNT commits to:

  • Control compliance with the GDPR within the organization, including the distribution of responsibilities, through regular audits.

  • Raise awareness and train employees and other people handling personal data on their rights and best practices to be observed in this area.

  • Advice on the need to carry out a data protection impact analysis for future or existing processing undergoing modifications. The ProNewTech team will ensure the proper execution of this DPIA.

  • Ensure a single point of contact with the National Authority for Data Protection.

  • Be available on-site as soon as possible in case of an emergency (data breach, CNPD control…).

Internal DPO support:

You have already appointed an internal DPO, but this one lacks DPO: time or specific knowledge or is simply on leave? The ProNewTech team is available to accompany and support your DPO.

This support can be punctual or regular. Our concern will be to make you benefit from our know-how and our expertise in the field.

GDPR Services

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