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Project & Facility Management

The project manager's mission is to design the main contractor's project, to ensure that the work is carried out in accordance with the plans, materials and regulatory implementations.

Our Project managers plan, organize and control activities of the involved team to complete the project successfully, considering all possible risks. Competent planning and coordination of any project allow our customers to reduce costs, get on-time and on-budget results. We advise you how to realize your infrastructure including Project Management, defining all Engineering milestones, Issue Tracking, reception and billing control. As a customer, you specify, discuss and control tasks made by our team, monitor the process and status of project readiness. Hence you have a centralized access to all related information and can influence the process in real time.


This type of mission proposed by ProNewTech includes among others the following points :

  • the creation of APS and APD files (concept, plans, budget,...)

  • follow-up and supervision of the works

  • work quality control

  • financial management of the yard

  • assistance to the contracting authority until the reception and lifting of all reservations

  • collection and verification of As-Built Records

  • assistance in obtaining certificates of conformity


ProNewTech collaborates with partner offices in order to manage from A to Z complex projects (national or international) such as the design of data centers, laboratories or satellite hubs. ProNewTech designs the site with or without BIM (AutoCAD - Revit) including, i.ex. the layout of the antenna field, the administrative building integrating the data centers, the call for tenders to find the general contractor as well as the local project manager.   

BIM - Building Information Modeling



ProNewTech has specific skills in the field of consulting and implementation of BIM in construction projects.
Building Information Modeling "BIM is a working method based on a 3D parametric digital model containing intelligent and structured data.
The "BIM" can be used for the entire lifespan of a building or construction, a constant update of the database will reduce operating and maintenance costs.




Within the framework of the objectives set for the third industrial revolution, the BIM should make it possible in the medium and long-term to move towards buildings that meet requirements like those of a circular economy.
International experts, i.ex. Rifkin published a study at the end of 2016, who identified BIM as one of the main pillars of future developments in the construction sector.

ProNewTech's specific mission in BIM:


  • Project management assistance for :

    • Define the use of BIM in the « Project BIM Brief » (PBB)

    • Formalize with the project management the « BIM Execution Plan » (BEP, creation of Templates)

    • For the realization of a project and/or creation of 3D digital models

    • BIM manager, monitoring compliance with the rules of previous phases


  • design and support construction companies as :

    • BIM modelers who are trained on 3D tools (Revit) to provide you with an exact geometrically and collaboratively model.

    • BIM Coordination supervising BIM modelers and collaborative platform.

    • BIM Manager for control, analyze and exploitation of BIM models




  • Creation of BIM 3D (Revit) models

  • Mission tailored to the customer's needs

  • Responsiveness, flexibility

  • Protection of the client's interests

  • Multidisciplinary skills

  • Continuous technological and competitive intelligence

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