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ISO quality

The vocation of ProNewTech S. A. is to satisfy in a total and sustainable way the needs of its customers and interested parties by contributing to the respect of its principles "Innovation - Initiative - Customer interest - Independence and Integrity". (The four "i's")

As such, the quality of our services and our teams is a constant concern for ProNewTech. Our strategic vision is totally oriented towards quality and aims to ensure the development and sustainability of our company.



In line with this strategy, our main objectives are :


  • Ensure adherence to agreed deadlines and quality of services provided,

  • Be available and responsive to customer needs and expectations,

  • Promoting initiative and a participatory approach to improvement,

  • Guaranteeing independence from suppliers, integrators and operators,

  • To care for the environment we act as a Socially Responsible Company by monitoring our CSR/ESR, SDK approaches.


Each of our processes contributes to the achievement of these objectives through our Quality Management System.


In order to make our system more efficient and effective, we have started to revise it in accordance with the ISO 9001 version 2015 standard.

This performance-based standard allows us to increase our ability to satisfy our customers and improve our organization by:


  • Taking into account the ever more complex context in which we operate,

  • Deployment of an approach based on risk and opportunity management at all levels of the organization to ensure the achievement and continuous improvement of our results and those of our clients.


We are committed to continuously developing and improving our QMS, providing the means to make it relevant and add value.
We are subject to regular reviews and the annual management review is used to determine the effectiveness, needs for improvement, coherence and consistency of our strategic direction.


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