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IT / ICT / VoIP Networks



ProNewTech is completely independent of any manufacturer and service provider. In the preliminary phase, the following conceptual studies may be carried out:

  • Analysis of architecture, network configuration, IT security, bandwidth, communication costs,...

  • Analysis of needs and choice of technologies meet

  • Establishment of the project strategy

  • Optimization of infrastructures in order to reduce functional, communication, transmission and energy consumption costs (Green ICT)


Our strategic studies for ICT networks cover the following areas :

  • Integrated Local Area Networks (LANs), National Virtual Private Networks (MANs) and International Virtual Private Networks (WANs), virtualized Server solutions and public & private Cloud solutions based on Public/ Private IaaS - SaaS, ...

  • Integration of communications networks (voice, data, and video)

  • The implementation of virtualized Voice over IP (VoIP) concepts integrating SIP services

  • Integration of unified messaging, social network and collaborative tools 

  • Design and implementation of Call / Contact Centres and trading rooms 

  • Design concept of mobile networks coverage / capacity and handover engineering for wireless WiFi / GSM networks

  • Converged network cybersecurity concepts 

  • Development of computer IT security policies 

  • Centralized IT network administration and management concepts

  • Implementation stategy of passive (RFID, NFC) and active (RFID, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, Z-wave, LoRa,...) Internet of Things "IoT" connected objects (RFID, NFC) and active (RFID, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, Z-wave, LoRa,...) concepts for traceability, reporting, maintenance monitoring,...



We help our clients to find tailor-made solutions and to acquire solutions to the best price-performance ratio. We have in-depth knowledge of Cloud and networking technologies all kind of features of a modern telephone system :  

  • Standard operator solution 

  • Interactive voice server

  • Multi-Sites and Multi-Media Call Center with statistics 

  • Integration of new social networks (Facebook, Twitter,...) 

  • Telephony with physical phones or softphones  

  • Click to call web solutions

  • Fax Server, video conferencing, etc...

  • Telecom invoice analysis in order to optimize operator costs 

  • SLA and KPI negotiation

  • strategies to swap from ISDN to SIP services




Analysis of the existing situation, master plan, design, concept, tender elaboration, RFP evaluation and follow-up of the implementation of innovative solutions for the implementation of complex and efficient ICT networks.




  • Independent consultancy team

  • Responsiveness, flexibility

  • Good knowledge of local and international service providers-contractors

  • Multidisciplinary skills (IT networks, Fix and Wireless Networks, VoIP - SIP telephony, Cybersecurity,...)

  • Proven methodology combined with large track-record experience

  • Control of budgets and planning

  • Project follow-up from concept to implementation


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