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Active Security



Electronic sites security to fight intrusions, hold-ups and fires.



ProNewTech develops concepts, launches tendering procedures and ensure the follow-up of security implementation projects in various fields: :


Access Control :

ProNewtech defines access control concepts and monitors installers for the :

  • Installation of "online" and "offline" badge readers, controllers, electronic key cabinets, badge printers,...

  • Installation of Multi-application boards :

    • Catering payment system 

    • Book reservation system

    • Badge printing

    • Access system for elevators, data centers / computer rooms /computer racks 

  • Implementation of access control systems with virtual badges (NFC, Bluetooth, QR Code,…)

  • Implementation of visitor management system, external service providers,....

  • Definition of profiles per customer

  • Badge reading Time management system

  • Intrusion area arming/disarming via badges 


ProNewTech realizes concepts allowing the detection of an attempt to penetrate inside a building with the latest technologies available on the market in the fields of detection/intrusion, video surveillance, fire detection and evacuation and for security audits.


Intrusion detection :

  • Magnetic contacts

  • Single / 360° infrared sensors

  • Seismic sensors

  • Single/acoustic glass breakage

  • Resumption of technical alarms (dry contacts)

  • Detection of an attempt at external penetration of a site (peripheral monitoring):

    • Infrared barrier

    • Hyperfrequency barrier

    • Underground cable

    • Fence escalation detection via seismic sensing cable

    • Detection of Drones


Video surveillance :

  • Multi-site video surveillance system

  • Recording system with video image archiving

  • Remote video surveillance via smartphone

  • Video analysis software with video tracking to recognize a fire, a weapon, an abandoned luggage, a license plate,...

  • Video surveillance of high-risk sites via drone

  • Video wall concept with workflow management


For Fire Detection & Evacuation :

  • Fire alarm and fire-fighting systems

  • Emergency evacuation public address system

  • Dynamic people counting system ("people counter")

  • Creation of evacuation plans


Security Control Station (PCS) :

  • Centralized Security Management Application :

    • Centralization of alarm subsystems (intrusion, fire, video, access control, evacuation sound system, technical alarms...)

    • Alarm management, history consultation, email and SMS notification

    • Definition of instructions, procedures, production of statistics

  • Installation of a Security Control Station (document holder, anti-burglary partitions, ergonomic furniture 24 hours a day, key cabinets, lockers, emergency power supply...)

  • Security communications and transmission networks (reception racks, redundant communication links,...)


Security Audit :

  • Safety audit with risk analysis and recommendations :

    • Classification of types of premises (according to regulations);

    • Assessment of criticality and potential risks by type of premises;

    • Definition of the safety equipment to be provided according to criticality

  • Analysis of existing equipment and definition of safety equipment to be added (depending on budget)

  • Implementation of security policy with analysis of the stakes



  • Responsiveness, flexibility

  • Protection of the client's interests

  • Knowledge of local and international providers and independence from them

  • Multidisciplinary skills (low current, IT, fixed and mobile telephony, cybersecurity, etc.)

  • Proven methodology and proven experience

  • Control of budgets and planning

  • Continuous technological and competitive intelligence.

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