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Smart Building

Nowadays, the majority of property developers still promote so-called "Green" buildings, while they could realize green and intelligent Smart Buildings to save even more energy. It is necessary to go as far as possible in these concepts.


Potential energy savings amount up to 30% over the lifetime of an office building !

Impacts from server virtualization and intelligent infrastructure management :


  • A network to manage all of the building's applications,

  • easiness to manage centralized technologies,

  • the same network can be used by all future tenants,

  • telephony, video surveillance, access control, firewall and internet access can be mutualized.


A mentality change is required :



  • Installation of data centers instead of local servers on each floor,

  • installation of hot and cold aisles instead of an air conditioning on a floor level,

  • installation of a centralized extinguishing system instead of a distributed one,

  • establishment of shared IT infrastructures,

  • reduced operating and maintenance costs (1 service provider).

ProNewTech's Smart Building expertise :

Realization of the concept of the first intelligent building integrating shared data centers, a shared redundant infrastructure for IT switching, VoIP and SIP trunking, a virtualized cloud environment for the building's servers and shared IT resources, a shared redundant access to the information highways,...


In addition to the design of technical architectures, ProNewTech offers the following services :

  • Elaboration of request for proposals and authorization requests for :

    • Telephone environment of the building 

    • Mutualized access control and shared videoparlophony

    • Video surveillance as a Service

    • Biometry, Time management

    • Private cloud systems

    • Virtualized IT servers and SAN

    • Centralized infrastructure surveillance and power consumption monitoring in data centers

    • Mutualized firewalls

    • Extinguishing system

    • Structured standardized Cabling

    • Virtualized and centralized technology management

    • Mutualized SIP access 

    • .......


  • Technical and financial evaluation of proposals and formulation of recommendations.  

  • Monitoring of the implementation of the installations until the final certification. 

  • Control of "as build" final documents and CAD drawings.


ROI for such installations is achieved within 3 years for enlightened investors.


ProNewTech has Green IT experts certified by the BCS Institute.


ProNewTech received Luxembourg's first Green IT award for the Smart building concept of the Solarwind site on 24 April 2013. ProNewTech received a second Green IT award in 2015.

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