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Telecommunication operators

Establishment of Commodo folders for more than 175 base stations (GSM, DCS, UMTS and LTE) belonging to ORANGE Luxembourg

Establishment of Commodo records for more than 300 base stations (GSM, DCS, UMTS and LTE)

On November 03rd 2014, ProNewTech and its subcontractor MDC Group signed a service support agreement with SES TechCom services for the implementation of a new teleport project in the Middle East.

Within this project, the Luxembourg satellite communications company will support a satellite operator in the development of the construction of its new teleport.

This teleport will provide satellite control and communication with satellites that will offer radio-TV - broadcasting and broadband transmission services.

Advice on coordinating tender procedures for the implementation of an as a Service Video surveillance (VSaaS) system project in Luxembourg :

  • 6.000 cameras (HD or SD)

  • Multiple video surveillance servers

  • Hosting recording (SAN) in Datacenters

  • Use of Connectivity P&T (FTTH et FTTO)

International call for tenders for a VSaaS platform  (« Carrier oriented »)

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