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Educational Institutions

Studies, analyses and coordination for the implementation of IT Security and cabling in the new buildings of the University of Luxembourg - Campus Belval (16 buildings - 7000 students - 3000 teachers) :


The solutions to be implemented concern :

  • Intrusion detection system (+ 8.000 detection points)

  • Access control system (+/- 10.000 badges)

  • Video surveillance system (250 surveillance cameras)

  • Centralized Security Management System for all Luxembourg campuses

  • All DATA cabling for the entire Belval campus (16 buildings) as well as the fiber backbone between all buildings

  • Studies as well as conceptual design and follow-up of the realization of the (+/- 1.000 sqm) computing data centers


The completed and currently under construction buildings are :

  • Maison du Savoir (Esch-Belval)

  • Maison des Sciences humaines (Esch-Belval)

  • Maison du Nombre (Esch-Belval)

  • Maison des Arts & Etudiants (Esch-Belval)

  • Maison du Livre (Esch-Belval)

  • Hall Essai des Ingénieurs (Esch-Belval)

  • Animalerie (Esch-sur-Alzette)

  • Centre Robert Schuman (Luxembourg-ville)

  • Biotech 2 (Esch-Belval)

  • Bâtiment John Fitzgerald Kennedy (Kirchberg)


Studies, analysis and coordination for the setting up of an HPC computer center (High-Performance Data computing data centers +/- 1.000 sqm).


The installation studies to be carried out concern :

  • Access control (400 door readers on racks, 100 readers on intermediate doors)

  • Video surveillance system (100 video surveillance cameras)

  • Low current copper - fiber data cabling (structured Cat 6A data cabling, fiber optics, fire,...)

  • Follow-up of completion works

  • Electrical distribution

  • Fire detection and extinguishing system

  • The ventilation system


Years of implementation : 2012 – 2020



Transformation of an industrial hall into a research laboratory.

Follow-up of the installation of HVAC techniques, Electricity, Fire detection.

Space design of laboratories and a mezzanine on which the HVAC technique is installed.

The structure is realized by metal posts and beams on which partitions and ceiling are added.

The electrical distribution is realized via 2 electric panels and one 800 A canalis channel.

The entire ventilation and cold distribution have been achieved via the technical room.

Creation of a structure fixed to the building for the installation of an aerocondenser.


Design, analysis and coordination for the transformation of an industrial hall into a research laboratory at FOETZ :

• Preliminary design summary « APS » (analysis, recommendations, budget estimates and summary plans)

• Preliminary detailed design « APD » (dimensioning, detailed technical specifications, detailed plans and detailed budget)

• Submission documents, bid analyze phase and tender adjudication proposal with detailed quotation

• Execution project phase « EXE » (implementation plans, validation of technical data sheets and calculation notes provided by the company)

• Submission documents phase and tender evaluation proposal with detailed quotation analysis

• Follow-up of work / Verification of files as built.


The solutions to be put in place included: the construction of a structure with a mezzanine, the creation of premises with protected antifire walls, distribution and technical cold production for the techniques, ventilation, high-current electricity (current outlets, lighting, emergency lighting, creation of LV feeders), data cabling, positioning of wifi antennas dedicated to terminals and computer equipment, fire detection, construction of a concrete storage site for different fluids.

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