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International references 

Project :

Es'hailSat, Doha, Qatar, 6500 m2 building equipped with 2 redundant data centers and
overtaken by a field of satellite antennas


Owner Executing Agency :

SES Techcom, Luxembourg


Services delivered by ProNewTech in collaboration with MDC Slovenia :

  • General formulation of the Site Strategy - antenna field space

  • Architectural design of buildings and Datacenter surfaces 

  • Development of the "General Contractor RFP"

  • Assistance to the negotiation and management of contracts – "Contract Management "

  • Design engineering, project and construction management

  • Architectural, Civil, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Services

  • Cost Controlling

  • Supervisory Services

  • Feasibility Studies


ProNewTech is registered as a private research organization by the Government of Luxembourg. The company has received grants from CAESIE / Government of Australia and B-BICE+ from the Government of Brazil in collaboration with the European Union regarding Smart Building design activities. Our consultants designed the first realization of a concept of virtualization and pooling of IT, telecom and active security network infrastructures for intelligent smart buildings with low energy consumption.  The reference project is at the Solarwind site in Luxembourg.

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